“Your Energy, Your Time, Your Art, Your Life, It Is Sacred.”

How many people can say they’ve genuinely experienced fear?

Fear in relationships, friendships, work, school, hell anything.. I can say I was very afraid to start this blog but I realized there was nothing to fear.

When it comes to your craft or just anything you love that puts you out there, you have to remember that not everyone is a hater. They may not always scream “yasss sis!” In the background but they are not a hater.

Not everyone thinks like you or has the same vision but we’re all here to support each other.



“If You Watered The Seeds Of Pain With Love, Flowers Would Grow.”

Well hey there! Welcome to my blog I am so glad you found me. Please follow my website and I’ll be back soon to get this journey started.. Stay tuned 🙂

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